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Spice Spice Baby

by Jessica Kopena - Oct 22, 2018

Cincy Chic

These two local foodies were tired of flavorless store-bought spices full of artificial ingredients, so they’re stirring things up with this new natural herb and spice business.


Spice Spice Baby is a retailer and wholesaler of fine herbs and spices.

Drew and Debbie Brown, owners of Spice Spice Baby, launched their business to spice things up.

“We are a retailer and wholesaler of fine herbs and spices,” say the Browns. “We have a large variety of signature spice blends for foodies and culinary professionals.” 

According to the Browns, they can be found at various farmers markets across town, such as Madiera and Blue Ash, festivals, pop up markets and the like. “We also have spices for sale at Chops, Cheese and Chives in Newport, Kentucky and Holzman Meats in Montgomery,” they add.

The couple was inspired to start the business from a love for cooking and be adventurous in the kitchen. “Debbie and I created Spice Spice Baby because we have a passion for great-tasting, and flavorful food and we want to share this with friends, family and anyone else who wants to be adventurous in their cooking. We provide home cooks with an easier way to express their creativity in the kitchen,” they explain. “Our spice blends are the tools they need to try new flavors and explore new cuisines in the simplest way possible. We are also here for professional chefs and other culinary professionals who may want to keep those signature spice blends a secret or are looking for an easy way to save time, labor and resources. Whatever your culinary passions are, we can help keep you cooking.”

As a professional, Drew was tired of finding spices at the store that were old with artificial ingredients that lacked flavor. “What I wanted was a good restaurant-grade herb or spice without having to always use garden-fresh herbs. Because of that frustration, I began testing and adapting my signature spice blends for home use. I have created dozens of blends and rubs during the more than two decades I have spent working in professional kitchens,” he says. “Several of my BBQ rubs have been used in professional BBQ competitions and are award-winners…all of our spice blends are tried and true. Spice Spice Baby was born from necessity, and is thriving because there are so many people who share our passion for quality and flavor.”

The name of the business came from a popular song. “We had the idea for a spice business and while thinking of a catchy name, Ice Ice Baby came to mind. So we borrowed from Vanilla Ice, who borrowed from Queen,” they say.


There are a variety of spices offered for wholesale and retail and they “focus on custom blended spices and rubs. We can also work with chefs to convert their ideas into rubs and spice blends,” they say, adding that they have a lot of fun naming the blends. “’Elvis Has Left the Smoker,’ which is our version of a Memphis Dry Run. We have used that in Kansas City BBQ competitions with good success. I love the smokiness of the rub, particularly on brisket.”

The Browns say that Spice Spice Baby has received a lot of positive feedback, which propels them forward. “In the five months we have been in business, we have received only positive feedback, plenty of referrals and an astounding amount of repeat business. We have people constantly contacting us to find out where we will be that week so they can get their spice fix,” they say. “The number of professional chefs that use our product speak volumes about the quality and consistency of what we are doing.” 

This falls in line with the mission of the company. “[We want] to offer very high quality herbs and spices that are affordable and accessible to everyone,” they share.

Spice Spice Baby is unique because they help charities in the area. “10 percent of all our retail sales goes to Avon Miami Charities and their brown bag events to feed the homeless,” the Browns explain. 

To keep up with what’s going on with Spice Spice Baby, follow them on Facebook  or their website.

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