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Smothered French Connection Cheeseburger

Updated: Aug 14, 2020


1 LBS. Lean Ground Beef or Chuck.

4 TBS Spice Spice Baby’s French Connection spice blend.

4 Hamburger Buns (I like a nice brioche or onion bun)

4 Slices of Baby Swiss

½ of an White or Yellow Onion, sliced thin and sautéed in 1 TSP olive oil

1 Pint Fresh Sliced Button Mushrooms Sautéed in 1 TSP olive oil

Lettuce/Tomatoes/Onions/Pickles (optional)


1. Get your grill or cast-iron skillet very hot.

2. Patty the ground beef into (up to) 4 burgers.

3. Liberally season the burgers on both sides using the French Connection Rub.

4. Grill or cook the burgers to your preference, 4 minutes on each side should get you to Medium.

5. Add a TBS or so of the onions and mushrooms to each burger, and top with one slice of the baby swiss cheese. Let the cheese melt and then pull the burgers from the grill.

6. Assemble the burger on your bun Add the onions, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce and put the top on, enjoy!


I like this burger because it has a nice mellow saltiness with a smoky flavor that just goes so well on a burger. The onions and mushrooms can be sautéed together in a little olive oil or butter. I heat mine over a low flame and cook the onions a long time (30 minutes) so that they caramelize and get very sweet.

Don’t play with the burgers once they are on the heat, that leads to the rub coming off and the loss of flavor. Flip the burger once-this takes a bit more patience but you will notice that the burger is better: retaining flavor from the rub and the natural juices from the beef. Don’t press down on the patties as they cook either-you lose too much moisture that way. If you want your burgers more well done, move them to the coolest part of the grill and cook them longer rather than pressing on them.

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