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Cucumber Salad - the OG or Great Chicago Fire Way

Updated: Aug 14, 2020


½ Red Onion Julienne

1 Green Pepper, Julienne

2 Cucumbers-Sliced

½ Cup Cider Vinegar

½ Cup Olive Oil

½ Cup Sugar


1. In a medium or large mixing bowl, blend all the ingredients together.

2. Serve Chilled.


This recipe goes perfectly with BBQ or grilled meats on a hot summer day.

I remember my grandma used to pick the cucumbers from her garden and then make her version of this for her weekend socials. She became well known for her cucumber salad and deviled eggs.

I used to love to put this on the burgers my grandpa would grill because they very rarely kept pickles in the house, and this was the perfect substitute for a kid who loves pickles. I hope you enjoy these as “cukes and onions” as much as I do.

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